Is your basement flooding in the Winter or does your basement flood in the Spring?

The chance of basements flooding in the Winter and the Spring depends mostly on the weather its patterns.  The condition of a basement and the home’s foundation will however determine whether water leaks into the basement.

While basement flooding in the Winter and Spring may not happen on a consistent basis, basements do flood during the Winter and are more prone to flooding in the Spring, especially in New England where after a harsh winter the thawing of snow can cause major issues.

Basements are more likely to flood and be wet with the following seasonal instances

Basements are more likely to flood in the winter when the snowfall is high and deep and the ground has been frozen on a steady basis  Rising temperatures that cause fast snow melts, and the melting snow itself, can create rivers and streams of free-flowing water.  This flowing water can enter a basement and cause moisture problems and in extreme cases, flooding.

One of the biggest factors in causing basement flooding during the Winter and Spring is an unusually heavy or consistent rainfall. When it rains in the winter and the snow is deep and the ground is frozen, the rainwater has no where to go. Water travels makes its own path and that path is often straight down to a home’s basement and foundation. Even homeowners with basements that have never had water problems can suddenly find themselves with a flooded basement.
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