What Affects the Indoor Air Quality in your Home?

All kinds of activities contribute to polluting the indoor air we breathe.Day-to-day activities such as driving, putting gas in your car, dry cleaning, and doing home improvement projects in the house such as painting can release gases and particles to the air and reduce your indoor air quality.

Mold spores & radon gases can be found in your own home, including your basement. In high concentrations, these pollutants can seriously impact our health.

Basements Air Contribution

People exposed to high levels of specific air pollutants could experience breathing difficulties, itching and burning of their eyes and throat. Long-term exposure to air pollution, such as Radon, can cause cancer and damage to your immune, neurological, reproductive, and respiratory systems. In certain circumstances, radon gas and molds can even cause death.

Learn about the aspects of four different factors that can ensure that you have a healthy basement:

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