Solutions for Crawl Space Repair in CT & RI

Crawl spaces are very common in New England homes. There are many reasons why the builder who built your home would choose this type of construction versus the conventional full height foundation. Unfortunately, based on the challenges associated with working in such a tight space, certain items get eliminated during construction. Two of these items are what drive the need for Crawl Space Repair.

  • Dirt Floors in a Crawlspace:  Dirt floor crawl spaces create a variety of unhealthy living conditions.  Dirt floors in a crawlspace and a basement are an open path for soil gases such as radon.  Crawlspaces with dirt floors will retain more moisture and also, rodents can eaisly enter your home.
  • Higher Water/Moisture Levels:  Due to its tighter space, the crawl space has less area for moisture to exit and this is what helps cause high moisture levels. Even if a crawl space has concrete floors, you may find a lot of moisture.  Concrete in these types of spaces tends to be poorly finished and that allows for water and moisture to easily enter the space.
  • Columns and Footings:  Crawlspaces contain columns and footings that may be built from concrete blocks or even wooden blocks.

Crawl Shield is the answer to your crawl space repair needs.

  • Inhibits the migration of moisture and soil gas (Radon).
  • Reduces condensation, mold growth and poor air quality within a home or building.
  • After your crawl space repair is complete it will be ready to use for storage due to the high strength of CrawlShield.
  • Transforms the space with a bright, clean look.
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