The Sump Pump Pit Liner


The sump pit liner has undergone design advancements over the years to ensure that your basement remains as dry and healthy as it can be. No longer is that 5 gallon bucket in a hole in your basement a good, safe or healthy idea.

While the”bucket and a pump” may remove a bit of water, it will leave even more moisture and humidity behind.  These 5 gallon bucket systems also leave behind the possibility of soil gasses like radon escaping into your home.   As our understanding of the basement environment advances, we become even more aware of the problems being created by old sump pit liners. The “Grate Sump Liner” eliminates these problems and provides clients with a reliable, cost effective solution.


Sump Pit Liner Features:

The sump pump pit liner that Superior Basement Solutions uses has several key features that ensure unmatched performance and reliability like no other in the basement industry.
Advantages include:

  • Does not promote undermining of the foundation
  • Resists iron and clogging
  • Built in pump stand
  • Easy on / easy off cover
  • Dehumidifier drain plug
  • Permanent mesh filter
  • GrateSump dual combination
  • Every pump has its own house
  • Virtually air tight cover

• Primary Sump Pump
Battery Back-Up Pumps
Sump Float Switch
Sump Pit Liner

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