The Sump Pump Float Switch

PHCC Pro Series, the company that revolutionized the sump pump float switch has done it again, with the introduction of the new Ultimate Sensor Switch and the USC3 Ultimate Controller System.

The PHCC Dual Float independent vertical float switch manufactured by Glentronics has not one, but two, floats mounted within a protective cage. The cage protects against blockage and the two floats provide back up against failure.  Should one float fail to operate, the second float is available and ready to activate the pump. The protective cage prevents debris or other wires from interfering with movement of the floats. The result – the most reliable float switch in the industry!

This particular switch is also equipped with a control box and an alarm. Being independent from the pump, you are now able to adjust the float level without moving the pump.

USC3 – Ultimate Controller and Ultimate Sensor

Primary Sump Pump
Battery Back-Up Pumps
Sump Float Switch
Sump Pit Liner

USC3 – Ultimate Sensor

This new solid-state sensor has no moving parts to wear out or break. It’s simply a monitoring sensor rod. When the water level touches the rod, the sensor detects it and activates the pump. Features include:

  • Imbedded computer monitors any material buildup on sensor rod and keeps on working.
  • Sensor ball can be raised or lowered to adjust activation level
  • Slow Fill Recognition senses the water level regardless of how fast or slow the sump pit is filling up
  • Designed for use in sump and sewage pits
  • Easy Installation – with a removable connector, the sensor wire can be easily fed through small sump pit cover holes, then reconnected directly to the controller
  • 3.5″ long, 3-16 grade stainless steel sensor rod will not corrode
  • Sensor sends “Heartbeat” signal to controller, if the sensor is unplugged or not operating an alarm will activate
  • Mounts to discharge pipe with included stainless steel hose clamp

USC3 – Ultimate Controller

This controller monitors pump and power conditions and sounds an alarm when problems are detected. The Ultimate Controller includes the Ultimate Sensor.

  • Monitors and sounds an alarm and alerts when:
    • AC power has failed
    • 9v battery is low or slide switch is off
    • Pump or plumbing problem is detected caused by pump running continuously for 10 minutes
    • Sensor switch is unplugged or not operating
    • System is operating light (flashes)
  • Reliable, proven and patented Triac technology used in many industries
  • Adjustable run time from 5-45 seconds after the water level falls below the sensor
  • Includes export terminals for connecting to a remote dialer or home security system
  • Sensor can be unplugged for ease of installation
  • Activates pump weekly, extending pump life
  • Universal controller mounting
  • 4′ power cord
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